State for the SW1L solver (fluidsim.solvers.sw1l.state)

class fluidsim.solvers.sw1l.state.StateSW1L(sim, oper=None)[source]

Bases: fluidsim.base.state.StatePseudoSpectral

State for the solver sw1l.

Contains the variables corresponding to the state and handles the access to other fields for the solver SW1L.

Inheritance diagram of StateSW1L
static _complete_info_solver(info_solver)[source]

Complete the ParamContainer info_solver.

This is a static method!

compute(self, key, SAVE_IN_DICT=True, RAISE_ERROR=True)[source]

Compute and return a variable.


Compute the state in Fourier space.

statephys_from_statespect(self, state_spect=None, state_phys=None)[source]

Compute the state in physical space.

return_statephys_from_statespect(self, state_spect=None)[source]

Return the state in physical space as a new object separate from self.state_phys.

init_statespect_from(self, **kwargs)[source]

Initializes state_spect using arrays provided as keyword arguments.

init_from_etafft(self, eta_fft)[source]

Initialize from \(\hat \eta\) and set velocities to zero.

init_from_uxuyetafft(self, ux_fft, uy_fft, eta_fft)[source]

Self explanatory.

init_from_rotuxuyfft(self, rot, ux_fft, uy_fft)[source]

Initializes from velocities and discards vorticity.

init_from_rotfft(self, rot_fft)[source]

Initializes with rotational velocities computed from vorticity.

init_from_qfft(self, q_fft)[source]

Initialize from potential vorticity.

init_from_afft(self, a_fft)[source]

Initialize from ageostrophic variable.

init_from_qafft(self, q_fft, a_fft)[source]

Initialize from potential vorticity and ageostrophic variables.

init_from_uxuyfft(self, ux_fft, uy_fft)[source]

Initialize from velocities and adjust surface displacement by solving a Poisson equation, assuming no mean flow.


StateSW1L(sim[, oper])

State for the solver sw1l.