Solvers for a variety of physical problems

Base package containing the source code of the particular solvers. Some sub-packages contains also solvers for variant of the mentioned equations (for example, fluidsim.solvers.ns2d.strat or fluidsim.solvers.sw1l.modified).

ns2d Navier-Stokes 2D solvers (fluidsim.solvers.ns2d)
ns3d Navier-Stokes 3D solvers (fluidsim.solvers.ns3d)
sw1l 1-layer Shallow-Water solvers (fluidsim.solvers.sw1l)
plate2d Plate2d solvers (fluidsim.solvers.plate2d)
ad1d Advection-diffusion 1D solvers (fluidsim.solvers.ad1d)
waves2d 2D waves solvers (fluidsim.solvers.waves2d)
sphere Solving equations over a sphere (fluidsim.solvers.sphere)
models0d Models 0 dimension (fluidsim.solvers.models0d)