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strict=True can be a Python 3 compatible keywords-only argument with the function like:

   def has_vars(self, *keys, strict=True):
       if strict:
           return keys.issubset(keys_state)
           return len(keys.intersection(keys_state)) > 0

When ``True``, checks if all keys form a subset of state keys. When
``False``, checks if the intersection of the keys and the state keys
has atleast one member.

(The original entry is located in /home/docs/checkouts/ of fluidsim.base.state.StateBase.has_vars, line 30.)


It would be interesting to implement phase-shifting timestepping schemes as:

  • RK2 + phase-shifting
  • Adams-Bashforth (leapfrog) + phase-shifting

For a theoretical presentation of phase-shifting see

(The original entry is located in /home/docs/checkouts/ of fluidsim.base.time_stepping.pseudo_spect, line 10.)