FluidSim is part of the FluidDyn project. Some issues regarding the installation of Python packages are discussed in the main documentation of the project.


  • FFTW3 (and some modules take advantage of libfftw3_mpi, but this one is optional) and on the python package pyfftw,

The first thing to do before installing FluidSim is to installed these libraries (in contrast, the Python packages should automatically be installed by the installer)!

  • optionally, mpi4py (which depends on a MPI implementation).

Install commands

FluidSim can be installed by running the following commands:

hg clone
cd fluidsim
python develop

Installation with Pip should also work:

pip install fluidsim

Run the tests

You can run some unit tests by running make tests from the root directory or python -m unittest discover from the root directory or from any of the “test” directories.